Behold the New

from by Farwatch

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Emptiness opens the door to fear
Throw the bolt behind it to keep me here
Apprehension invades the mind
Years of defenses, at once frantically unwind
The scarlet flush inside my skin
A mounting panic as high tide begins
Serpentine fingers coiling round the heart
More I struggle, more I tear apart
As the alarm shrieks
No one runs to aid the weak
Madness inauspicious
Just hide me away from your sight

I’ll abide by what you prescribe
Just medicate so meditation's not required
Lie. Believe you’re working on the side of light
The cure that you bring leaves me drying up inside

My flesh is heavy
A burden to carry
Visions in my mind
Frightening and unclear. Creature inside me
Assailing the walls of its cage
About to escape
So much pain

Alive but just what am I?
Old flesh falls and new essence grows
Strange new senses surpassing
Sounds and sights that I used to know
Paradises rise around me
Always there but never felt so close
And finally my mind and body
can be in perfect peace
Newborn and free

As a child I would dream of
A voice calling me out of sleep
Now we meet, not a dream but alive
A friend from the outside
Finally arrived to welcome me home

How to silence the old epidemic of violence
The song was always playing in an unheard key
Now I feel it in the air
I see it in the light that glimmers here

Oh my dear humankind
May every night you sleep be haunted by the sweet,
Far away dream
Peel the stones off of your skin
Tender again
Slumbering souls invite this gentle wish

The vision may lie out of reach
But dwindling on the horizon
An approaching epoch of peace
I will never cease to sing
Won’t you please embrace the song?
Come with me.


from Transmigrated, released December 18, 2016



all rights reserved



Farwatch was formed in the summer of 2013 by Martin Bowman and Alex Barrios (Chucho) with a shared interest in creating progressive and challenging music. Paul Uhrina and Mary Flowe were recruited shortly afterwards and the band set to work on writing and recording. Adding Daniel Geurs to the lineup the band completed recording their debut EP "Transmigrated" ... more

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