Viridian Pearl

from by Farwatch

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Hail traveler! Welcome to the games!
Is this your first visit to the universe?
Take a moment; drink it all in
Wonder of the stadium!
The combat will soon begin
shall we wager who will win?
glory awaits one victor
why shouldn’t we cash in?
Spirits flowing free
spectators roar like a crashing sea
this day has finally come and
we’ve all paid our admission fee
A majestic tournament
to memorialize
the extinction of the human tribe.
glory to the noble genocide!

Witness the contestants. Observe how strong!
These human beasts had labored long in blood.
Vicious in war for millions of years or more.
Countless warriors have hunted,
Their destruction to ensure
Yet among the slain
Two prisoners remain.
Let a legendary duel
between them be waged.

A challenger’s demise means
capital for you and I.
So choose your man well
beseech your gods and put your money down!

If I slandered their name
what would be gained?
Would it return my cherished from their graves?
So swallow my hate
this phantom in my veins
dulls the shame as I slay to entertain
just one more time then at last i’ll be allowed to die.

Every evening I drift into nothingness
Nightmare’s new dwelling place
I embrace it
Twilight ebbs away; I do not fear the fade

I recognize the face on the other side
Out of the billions of strangers.
Can you tell me, why are we here
why must it be you?
I would pray for our souls
but for fear God is deaf to us too.
The viridian pearl will spin on
long after we are all gone

So my friend enjoy the show
don’t keep your eyes closed
This is how we pray;
these offerings we give for we know

that perhaps one day
we’ll join the condemned
Do not dwell on the good things that end.
For now, Rejoice!

A strike
(For now we are everlasting!)
Sands red with blood; there is no honorable way to die.
(For now we are the high kings of heaven!


from Transmigrated, released December 18, 2016



all rights reserved



Farwatch was formed in the summer of 2013 by Martin Bowman and Alex Barrios (Chucho) with a shared interest in creating progressive and challenging music. Paul Uhrina and Mary Flowe were recruited shortly afterwards and the band set to work on writing and recording. Adding Daniel Geurs to the lineup the band completed recording their debut EP "Transmigrated" ... more

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